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Lowcountry Outdoor Treasure

 Town of Meggett's

Roxbury Park

Beautiful vistas!

Abundant and diverse wildlife!

As easy on the feet, as it is on the eyes!

Learn what you can do to help keep Roxbury Park the best outdoor experience possible.

Nature Walks

The park has several trails on which visitors can take self guided walks. If you would prefer a private guided tour, we are offering those as well. 

​For rates and more information, click here.

Did you know?

Roxbury Park  is home to the Least Killifish, the smallest species of fish in North America, and one of the smallest vertebrates in the world.    Read more here.

Plant of the week:

Sea Ox-eye Daisey

This is currently the most common wildlfower in the park. You will find it blooming along the trail all around the big pond, and even out into the tidal marsh. It is a favorite of a wide variety of pollinators so llok for butterflies, and a diverse assortment of bees and wasps.

Bird Of The Week:

Wood Storks

Once listed as an endangered species, in June 2014, they were upgraded to "threatened" . . . which is still very serious.  We are fortunate that Roxbury Park is a place where these magnificent birds love to perch during the day. They can also be seen feeding in the creek near the cottage at low tide. Many people refer to them as the most beautiful ugly bird in the world. They have no feathers on their heads, and are in fact closley related to vultures.

Swamp Thing!

Check out this recording of a strange sounding creature that was heard in the swamp at thesoutheast corner of the park. Turns out that it was nothing more than a "variant call" of a female Wood Duck.

Roxbury Park has a beautiful rustic two bedroom, two bath cottage that can be rented out for the week.    Did you realize that we are located right in the middle of these other well known natural protected areas in the Ace Basin (all eBird Hotspots!)?

Ace Basin NWR -                                       3.5 miles

Dungannon Heritage Plantation -    11.3 miles

Botany Bay Plantation -                      13.5 miles

Caw Caw Interpretive Center -         14.3 miles

Donnelly WMA -                                     21.7 miles

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens -      27    miles

For seasonal rates and/or more information, select  "Rental Information"  from the main menu bar above.

"Roxbury Park is the perfect combination of diversity and accessibility. Where else can you see so much in such a short time or distance? "

Check out this video taken this spring at Roxbury Park . . . 15 baby Wood Ducks chasing after their momma.

Entrance to the park is free, and self guided walks are welcomed and encouraged.

However, if you would like to see more wildlife, and learn more about what you are seeing, private guided tours are available.  

These private guided tours are being offered to help cover the purchase of bird seed, as well as plants and materials for our new butterfly garden.  Please help support Roxbury Park.          Read more here.

Guided Nature Walks

​What is there to do at

Roxbury Park?

Park hours:

Open Saturday and Sunday from 8:00AM until 6:00 PM

​Closed Monday through Friday except by appointment.

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