It's always cool seeing dolphins at Roxbury Park, but what about when three pair come into the cove right next to the cottage to feed . . . and  a Bald Eagle flies in to check things out.  Now don't expect to see this on every visit, but you never know what you're going to see at Roxbury Park!

​Bird Feed  &

Wildflower Seed

Check out this video taken last spring at Roxbury Park . . . 15 baby Wood Ducks chasing after their momma.

Our Osprey Nest !!!

See photos and videos of our Osprey pair as they build their nest.  Soon they will be laying eggs, and raising chicks.

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The park has several trails on which visitors can take self guided walks. If you would prefer a private guided tour, we are offering those as well. 

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Nature and Wildlife Photgraphy

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 Town of Meggett's

Roxbury Park

There will be a spectacular collection of butterflies gathering on the asters and swamp daisies starting around the 1st of October.  This fall event will only last through the first week of Novemeber. Last year we had about 150 plants that attracted hundreds and hundreds of butterflies, and Monarchs every day for thirty straight days.  This year there are over 3000 plants, and the butterfly sightings should be spectacular, with possibly dozens of Monarchs seen every day.

One of the things that makes this so special is not only the total numbers and varieties of butterflies, but how they sit still on the asters. This makes photographing them extremely easy.  There is nothing like this anywhere else in the Lowcountry!    Here are a few photos from last year!

  The following is copied from the Town of Meggett web site:

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Roxbury Park will re-open this weekend, October 29th-30th during normal park hours.  There are still some trails that are not open to the public due to down trees or structural damage, so if you see an area taped off, please do not enter.  We are working hard to restore the park, trails and boardwalks.  

Please join us in welcoming Thomas Austin, the new Roxbury Park Caretaker.  Thomas graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Science of Wildlife and Fisheries Biology.  He has been a volunteer at Roxbury Park and is familiar with our past and on going projects.  Thomas will be working at Roxbury Park part-time on the weekends, we are pleased he has agreed to join our team.   

  As a reminder, if the park is closed, please do not walk around the locked gate and enter the park.  ​


​What is there to do at

Roxbury Park?

Roxbury Park has a beautiful rustic two bedroom, two bath cottage that can be rented out for the week.    Did you realize that we are located right in the middle of these other well known natural protected areas in the Ace Basin (all eBird Hotspots!)?

Ace Basin NWR -                                       3.5 miles

Dungannon Heritage Plantation -    11.3 miles

Botany Bay Plantation -                      13.5 miles

Caw Caw Interpretive Center -         14.3 miles

Donnelly WMA -                                     21.7 miles

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens -      27    miles

For seasonal rates and/or more information, go to the Town Of Meggett website's Cottage Rental page.